Saturday, 6 May 2017

Thunderbolt Aircraft Lease Limited and Thunderbolt Aircraft Lease US LLC closes

Air Lease Corporation ALC 777-300ER ArtworkAir Lease Corporation announced today that Thunderbolt Aircraft Lease Limited (“Thunderbolt Cayman”) and Thunderbolt Aircraft Lease US LLC (“Thunderbolt US” and collectively, the “Issuers”) have closed a $344,700,000 Fixed Rate Notes offering, comprised of US$253,400,000 of 4.212% Series 2017 A Fixed Rate Notes (“Series A Notes”), US$69,300,000 of 5.750% Series 2017 B Fixed Rate Notes (“Series B Notes”) and US$22,000,000 of 4.500% Series 2017 C Fixed Rate Notes (“Series C Notes” and together with the Series A Notes and Series B Notes, the “Notes”).

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